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Long rant ahead with background info
Ok, for those who don't know me IRL I can't drive for medical and other reasons.

I have been with the company that helps due to the above since 2011ish, but for the last few months not only have I had staff layovers (been this way for years), but now they aren't even giving me my schedule on time and further more I'm losing hours because they can't get their damn shit together and give me staff. A month ago there was talk about having a meeting for a new staff person which never happened and nothing since then! Not only that but I had a IMPG meeting with my case manager and Help at Home (who is supposed to be at these meetings) didn't show up for this one, yet again. They did this the last quarterly too! I'm pretty damn fed up with HAH at this point, if they don't show up for the next meeting, I will be leaving!


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