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Thoughts, or what could have been done right in the new movie.
Ok, let me first start off by saying I'm not new to the franchise. In fact I grew up watching Episodes 4-6 and saw part of episode 1. Granted, my memory of the ending for episode 6 is a bit fuzzy. But on to the review itself:

Episode 7 is not a bad sequel to the franchise, I however think that they could have pushed it back a little and either made a 6.5 or included a little more background into the new characters and even some of the old favorites. Granted, the pre-established characters had enough to follow along but it was the new ones introduced that really had plot holes in theirs. For example: Ren (spoilers ahead), how and why exactly did he fall to the dark side? I get that he had daddy issues, but I think there's more to it that we just don't know...

And speaking of his father, way to go. Not even Vader wanted his family dead, subverted yes, but not dead.

The callbacks from the previous entries in the series were a little hamhanded and way too much.

The whole movie was basically a 'where is Waldo - sorry- Luke. And even then it is never stated which planet he is on.

3.5 stars. I'll watch 8 just to see what happens and if the plot holes are fixed, but I won't be doing it in IMAX.


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