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IRC channel rules for Luurahfansubs
1. The primary language in the channel is English, if you're not a native speaker at least make it somewhat coherent. Thank you.

2. Do not harass the admins in any way shape or form, this includes trolling and being a general arsehole. First offense gets you a 30 minute ban, second is a day and third is a perm ban and you, plus any other nick you come up with will be kickbanned thereafter.

2a. Just in case you don't get it, do NOT do the following:

Pestering us by asking when the next episode will be out, it will be out when we say it's ready, not before. Doing so will just annoy us and make us delay it even more.

Rudely telling the QCer(s)/translators that their editing/translating sucks and that he/she can do a better job at it. If you think you can do better then go right ahead, prove to me that you can and I just might (note, might; read: Doubtful) see about making you a QCer/FQCer/translator. Until then shut the bloody hell up and let me do my own job.

3. More rules to likely follow as we get more people in.

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So I connected to your IRC, but nobody was there. I was wondering, would you consider hosting it on a server more popular for subbing groups like Rizon? ARR is there. Licca is for some reason on Chatspike.

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